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Artist:   Michael F. Brown

Neighbor2Neighbor owes so much to our volunteers.   Without their unwavering support, service and passion, we would not have survived during our difficult times and many of our neighbors would have had to seek for help, relationship and hope elsewhere.

If you wish to volunteer to help Neighbor2Neighbor and all of the neighbors we serve, there are many ways to do so.
As N2N regains momentum, there will be more opportunities coming available.   We will never say no to a helping hand.

Volunteer Opportunities

Hot Meals
Hot meals are the most coveted service at Neighbor2Neighbor for they are prized experiences by our neighbors.   A Hot meal returns our neighbors to a time of comfort and normalcy.   It relaxes and opens the heart to discussion and relationship.

Currently, Neighbor2Neighbor serves hot lunches nearly every day of the week.  On average, volunteer prepared lunches are provided 2 times each weekday.  

If your group of organization is interested in preparing a hot lunch or breakfast during the week, we would be extremely grateful!

Please contact our Executive Director, Warren Freeman, who can advise you on the suggestions for meals, the expected number of servings and scheduling arrangements.
Please donate to Neighbor2Neighbor ty visiting our GoFundMe page.  

Neighbor2Neighbor has not been actively asking for donations of any kind for nearly a year due to the significant changes and board turnover we experienced in 2015.

Now that N2N is back on the growth path, we are asking for your donatins again.   They are critical for our continued existance.   Now, more than ever.

We are very serious about how we manage our money.   Every dollar donated goes directly to serving our neighbors.

If, at any time, you wish to know how N2N manages your donations and our finances, feel free to contact us.  
We are known for our radical hospitality.  

Hospitality is not often encountered by our neighbors.   A warm smile, a handshake and a welcoming conversation is critical in how Neighbor2Neighbor changes lives.

If you are someone who enjoys hospitality and hosting, this job is for you.   Feel free to contact us for more information.

Our neighbors deeply value the safe and inviting environment at N2N.  In fact, the ability for them to become comfortable and build relationships and trust with our volunteers is the very foundation for changing their lives.  

Without trust, people don't and won't change.   As our neighbors get to know us and our volunteers, they start to be open to opportunities for help.   

Our Hospitality Volunteers are the front line for our Guidance and Case Worker to begin to examine true options toward their self-sufficiency.
Sack Lunches
Hygiene Supplies
Sack Lunches are critical for Neighbor2Neighbor.  While hot meals are preferred by our neighbors, sack lunches have been in high demand when thee are gaps in our hot meal service or when a neighbor wishes to eat on the go or at theor preferred location.

Nieghbor2Neighbor typically needs to distribute 350 - 400 sack lunches every month.  

Currently, we are just barely able to meet the demand.

If your organization wishes to provide sack lunches, contact our Executive Director, Warren Freeman , who can advise you on the kinds of items to be included, the expected cost and make arrangements for scheduling delivery.
Neighbor2Neighbor continues to provide basic hygiene products to our neighbors.  All they need to do is ask.
We take many of these products for granted.  For our neighbors, they are often a luxury.

If you wish to donate items to our supply closet, here are the most coveted items:
  • Deoderant
  • Toothbrushes & Toothpaste
  • Women's Products
  • Lotion

If you would like to be on a mailing list when hygiene items are desperately needed, click here.

NOTICE:  Neighbor2Neighbor is looking for driven and passionate volunteers who would like to take a ownership role for providing hygiene supplies to our neighbors.  If you are interested, please contact us.